Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Tools and Resources for Evaluating and Improving Direct Services

Checklist for Observing Staff on Site Visits

Observing direct service staff working with consumers is an important task for supervisors.  See first-hand how direct service staff full fill the mission of the agency.

Other Observation May include: 

  • Case file reviews 
  • Financial record reviews 
  • Interviews with staff 
  • Attend a sight loss support group 
  • Observe a group or individual instructional session 
  • Observe an intake or assessment 
  • Attend a staff meeting 

Here are some points to consider:

A Week Before Site Visit 

  • Confirm dates and times for site visit 
  • Provide a short handout on the purpose of the site visit, if agency has more than one employee, encourage this document to be shared with all agency staff 
  • Share a projected schedule of events to occur during the site visit 

    Site Visit 

    • Greet and introduce yourself to staff, be prepared to explain the purpose of your visit in case they did not read the handout provided previously and be prepared to answer any questions about the purpose. 
    • Follow schedule of event

    What to look for:

    • Are staff dressed professionally or appropriately for the activity? 
    • Do staff conduct themselves with professionalism and respect? 
    • Do staff follow confidentiality protocol? 
    • Are forms being used appropriately? 
    • Are staff attentive and observant of consumer’s needs? 
    • Do staff allow consumers to do/demonstrate tasks? 
    • If not the first appointment, do staff review and follow up on instruction provided in previous appointment/s? 
    • Do staff provide appropriate resources in appropriate situations? 
    • Do staff provide information at an appropriate pace? 
    • Is documentation completed in a timely manner? 
    • Are background checks on file for the appropriate staff? 


    • Look at the case notes that result from the observed visit to see if information is accurately documented. 
    • Encourage staff by complimenting them if they do a good job with something. 
    • Ask staff about how they handle difficult situations 
    • Ask staff if they have any tips they would like to share with others across the state. 
    • Reinforce team work both with you and with other community agencies and other vendors. 
    • Provide feedback about how the vendor did in your review. (If they don’t know what they did well or what to improve, they probably won’t improve.) 


    Sample Guidelines