Technical Assistance

Technical Assistance

Find helpful technical assistance in evaluating program performance, managing data collection, recruiting and retaining quality personnel, providing direct service, expanding community outreach. Connect with other administrators using the list of OIB program managers for any state or U.S. territory.

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Do you have a question about administration of the OIB program or best practices for provision of services for older individuals who are blind or have low vision?  

OIB-TAC is here to help!

We provide technical assistance on the topics of:

  • Community outreach methods and strategies to identify potential recipients of services. 
  • Promising practices based on “promising evidence” as defined in (34 CFR 77.1), including the development and dissemination of relevant materials to facilitate the delivery of high-quality services. 
  • Program performance, including data reporting and analysis  
  • Financial and management practices, including practices to ensure compliance with grant administration requirements. 

Technical Assistance Categories

We provide 3 levels of Technical Assistance.

All requests for assistance will fall under one of these levels. 


Targeted technical assistance addresses one specific topic or goal identified by a program or professional. Reach out to one of our knowledgeable staff to receive guidance towards practical, viable solutions to real world problems.  

Common Topics:

  • RSA requirements 
  • Completion of reports, such as the 7-OB 

  • Allowable expenditures

  • Provision of adaptive devices 

  • Setting up and maintaining a peer support group 

  • Continuing education opportunities for professionals 

  • Eligibility requirements 

  • Program management and evaluation 

  • Measuring service outcomes  


Universal technical assistance is available any time and is not customized. We offer on-line information, monthly webinars, and continuing education courses. 

Other ways to connect:  

  • Join the chapter 2 list serv and participate in discussions and receive updates from OIB-TAC 
  • Exchange information at the monthly program managers’ meetings 
  • Network at the annual program manager conference 
  • Participate in virtual quarterly meeting for contracting agencies 

For more information email 

Intensive Technical Assistance

The purpose of Intensive TA (Technical Assistance) is to improve the OIB program in a state.

Intensive TA is provided at no cost to Designated State Agencies (DSAs). The OIB Programs participate in a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats) to help you assess your state's OIB program. Program Managers work with OIB-TAC to set individualized goals to improve the program. The state receives one year of follow-up support that may include an opportunity for staff training.

OIB-TAC provides Intensive Technical Assistance to three states each year from October 1st to September 31st.  Interested DSAs are encouraged to apply early.

Learn more about Intensive Technical Assistance