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  • Ladies and Gentlemen, for this issue if you realize that you have made a mistake you should send James Billy an email at and request that he disapprove your submitted 7-OB at that

    on Data Entry Errors

  • James Billy at RSA is researching the answer to this question, we should have an answer for you all by early next week.

    on Carry-over Funds

  • Thank you so much Mark for providing me with this information.

    on What is a Support Service Provider

Funding Statement

The Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center is a development of the National Research & Training Center on Blindness and Low Vision (NRTC) at Mississippi State University, focused on agencies serving older individuals who are blind (OIB). This grant (#H177Z150003) is funded by the Rehabilitation Services Administration (RSA) under the U.S. Department of Education.