Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) & Why We Should Know About It

Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS) & Why We Should Know About It


In recent years, research is finding the prevalence of visual hallucinations in people who are blind or have low vision to be much larger than previous reports. These visual hallucinations are due to CBS, and fear of judgement prevents people from discussing it. Vision professionals are in a unique position to educate and end the stigma. In this presentation, attendees will learn how CBS manifests and how to compassionately approach speaking with clients about it as well as research-based coping techniques and resources for further counseling.



Siobhan Midgley received her bachelor's degree in neuroscience from University of Illinois at Chicago in 2018 and her master's degree and certifications in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy, Orientation & Mobility, and Teaching of the Visually Impaired at Northern Illinois University in 2020. She is founder and CEO of Focus Forward Vision Services, an educational consulting company providing habilitation and rehabilitation services for blind and visually impaired children and adults, as well as disability consulting for educational institutions.