On My Terms: Working with Visual Assistance Apps

On My Terms: Working with Visual Assistance Apps


What could someone do if they had visual assistance whenever they needed it, not just when it was convenient for someone else? Banking, shopping, traveling, cooking, setting a thermostat, getting knowledgeable help with the computer – a whole range of aging-in-place tasks can be done with assistance from a smartphone app. Join Aira’s Jenine Stanley and Be My Eyes’ Hans Wiberg to learn more about visual interpreting and specialized help through their apps. Find out how visual assistance fits into the tools to access the world as someone who is blind or low vision.


Jenine Stanley 
Jenine is a graduate of Franklin University with a master’s degree in business administration. She serves currently as Director of Customer Communications at Aira Tech Corp. She has worked in various aspects of the blindness community for the past 35 years. Jenine produces the Airacast podcast as well as live content for the company’s YouTube channel and other social media. Her work in radio has been recognized with the Ohio Public Broadcasting award. Jenine lives in Columbus, Ohio with her husband Kent, two Golden Retriever guide dogs, and two cats. 

Hans Jørgen Wiberg
Hans is the founder of Be My Eyes, a free mobile app with one main goal: to make the world more accessible for blind and low-vision people. Hans has very low vision from Retinitis Pigmentosa. Learn more about Hans at About Be My Eyes.  




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