Talking Books

Talking Book


Many people who work with older individuals who have some type of print disability – whether that’s blindness, low vision, or a physical disability that makes it difficult to use standard print – are likely to be familiar with the National Library Service (NLS). But they may not be familiar with all of the resources and services that NLS offers beyond talking books. This webinar will provide information on the NLS services, resources, eligibility and referral information (including talking books and iBill) and share information about upcoming initiatives.



Karen Keninger has served as the Director of the National Library Service for the Blind and Print Disabled at the Library of Congress since 2012. Prior to her appointment with the Library of Congress, Keninger served as Director of the Iowa Department for the Blind and as Regional Librarian at the Iowa Library for the Blind and Print disabled. Her priorities for NLS focus on leveraging technology for better reading experience and expanding content options for NLS patrons. Accomplishments to date include launching a braille eReader program, tripling the number of titles added to the collection annually, and implementing BARD Express and BARD Mobile apps.  Current initiatives include exploration of options for the next generation of talking books, including digital delivery and voice control; increasing access to visual content; expansion of the NLS patron base; relocation of NLS headquarters; and participation in the Marrakesh Treaty.