Strategies for Recruiting on College Campuses

Strategies for Recruiting on College Campuses




The OIB-TAC wants to support your effort to attract and retain qualified staff. Exploring the untapped resource of area colleges and universities when looking for viable candidates can be helpful. This webinar introduces three OIB-TAC resources that are currently in development and strategies for using them when recruiting on college campuses. It also covers tips for developing a campus recruiting plan, how to contact campus offices, and some commonly hosted college-to-career events that would raise awareness of career options in the field of blindness and low vision rehabilitation.



Lisa Gooden-Hunley

Prior to joining the OIB-TAC team, Lisa Gooden-Hunley worked for nearly 15 years in college career services and internship program management. Lisa has received both state and national awards for outstanding program service. Currently, she serves the older blind field as program coordinator for the OIB-TAC. Outside of work, she is pursuing a Ph.D. in Sociology.