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  • CCTV Lease/Loan Program

    South Dakota has had a lease/loan program in place for a number of years which has made CCTVs (digital video magnification) available to consumers of the OIB program.

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  • That is how we are currently doing it as well Ed - it seems like those individuals who have a machine from our agency should be "counted" somehow in each fiscal year.

    on CCTV Lease/Loan Program

  • I agree with you Kendra and find that to be my direction to the staff I supervise. It is an unusual circumstance that an AT device is provided without AT service (instruction & training).

    on Definition of Assistive Technology

  • To me,..the definitions are quite helpful and do not include bump dots (for example) as AT.

    on Definition of Assistive Technology

  • Thank you B.J. Further questions will be posted as a New topic unless it is inline with comments...I'm learning how this "on-line forum" works!

    on Counting Seniors for 7-OB