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  • CCTV Lease/Loan Program

    South Dakota has had a lease/loan program in place for a number of years which has made CCTVs (digital video magnification) available to consumers of the OIB program.

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  • It took several tries to put that together and I think practice is needed to ensure it is comes easier....a rewrite would reflect more on Margaret demonstrating the correct use of the 3x lighted magni

    on Working with Consumers to Create SMART Goals

  • In order to accomplish the goal of reading her recipes, the staff will train Margaret in the use of a 3 x lighted magnifier over the next 7 months to ensure Margaret is using the devices correctly on

    on Working with Consumers to Create SMART Goals

  • That is how we are currently doing it as well Ed - it seems like those individuals who have a machine from our agency should be "counted" somehow in each fiscal year.

    on CCTV Lease/Loan Program

  • I agree with you Kendra and find that to be my direction to the staff I supervise. It is an unusual circumstance that an AT device is provided without AT service (instruction & training).

    on Definition of Assistive Technology