2021 Conference

C.H.A.T Your Way to Success: Be an Influential and Inspiring Communicator

Session Date: 
Tuesday, September 14, 2021 - 11:00 am to 12:30 pm CDT

Does it feel like a struggle to get your message across? Like your messages are getting lost, overlooked, or even misunderstood? Despite your best efforts, the challenge to communicate with, influence, and inspire your colleagues, partners, and clients might seem unique and overwhelming, especially in our current reality of working remotely. Here is the puzzle to solve: to really connect, you have to speak to others in their language and their style. And the key to that puzzle is the CHAT Communication System, where you’ll learn how to maximize your communication, your marketing, and your presentations by leveraging all four distinct communication styles.

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Speaker: Claudia-Jean Virga

ClaudiaClaudia-Jean Virga is the creator of the CHAT Communication methodology, a communication method that helps nonprofit organizations maximize their services and resources. Claudia-Jean grew up feeling like she wasn't heard and that her words had no impact. After several years of studying communication, personalities, and behavior – Claudia-Jean felt that all those tools are great, but they took a lot of time to begin to understand. She also felt that those tools taught her a lot about herself, but what about understanding others? Claudia-Jean saw an opportunity to help people not only understand their own communication better but to understand other people's communication better too.

The CHAT Communication methodology is easy to learn and immediately apply to up-level an organization, reboot their fundraising efforts, and reignite the excitement around their mission both internally and externally.

To date, Claudia-Jean has facilitated more than 100 employee trainings and presentations based on the CHAT methodology. Her ultimate mission: to help nonprofit organizations to communicate effectively with team members, board members, donors, sponsors, clients, and volunteers to elevate their impact in the communities they serve. Claudia-Jean has over 30 years of experience working with nonprofits organizations. She is also a qualified facilitator for strategic planning and board development, based on Marilyn Donnellan's material. Claudia-Jean founded Girlz to Women, a nonprofit organization featured in Shape Magazine, Women's First, and various other national and local media outlets. Claudia-Jean has been in front of the camera as a TV host and behind the camera as an award-winning producer. She is a two-time TEDx speaker and is featured on TED.com, a TEDx Curator, and has coached hundreds of TEDx speakers from all over the world.


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  2. Tuesday, September 14: C.H.A.T. Your Way to Success: Be an Influential and Inspiring Communicator, Claudia-Jean Virga
  3. Wednesday, September 15: Strength-Based Leadership: The 10-80-10 Principle, Sunjay Nath
  4. Thursday, September 16: Empower, Educate, Engage: A Lived Experience, Anil Lewis

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