2021 Conference

Assistive Tech Resource Roundup

Session Date: 
Monday, September 13, 2021 - 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm CDT

Assistive Technology Roundup Resource List

One of the most difficult topics to stay up-to-date on is assistive technology. Devices and their features are constantly being updated or replaced by a newer product or app. Program participants have different abilities to utilize assistive technology and willingness to accept new devices/apps. Additionally, resources of the program or individual may limit which items can be obtained. How can busy professionals keep it all straight? In this session, we hope to provide some resources to help you get started with this daunting task.


Casey Matthews

Casey Mathews is the founder of WebFriendlyHelp.com, a company designed to help people get the most out of their technology. He has worked in the Access Technology field since the mid 1990’s. He holds an MCP certification (Microsoft Certified Professional) as well as a BS in Information Technology from the University of Phoenix. He has introduced new software and training/support ideas from Freedom scientific, the NVDA (Non Visual Desktop Access) screen reader, and of course apple iDevices to his customers world-wide. Casey enjoys testing new technology and software and is highly committed to remaining informed of developments in technology.

Steven Kelley, CVRT, CRC, CATIS


Steve found his way into the field of blindness rehab and assistive technology as a computer user trying to stay in the game with a vision impairment himself. Steve received Mas in both Blindness Rehab and Rehab Counseling from UALR and has several professional certifications—CVRT, CRC, and CATIS. Most of Steve’s experience is working with adult learners face-to-face in their homes or a center-based program. Steve works with the Assistive Technology Team at Hadley wears he has the good fortune to be called a Learning Expert helping to develop training material, work with learners remotely, and co-host the Get Up and Go Hadley discussion group. You can also find Steve at LowVisionTech.com and as one of the regular writers for AccessWorld.

Tim Richard


In 2017, Tim founded iSight Rehabilitation Services LLC, which currently focuses on teaching Assistive Technology, Orientation and Mobility, and Vision Rehabilitation Therapy to individuals with vision loss. In 2019, he started an organization called iSight Connections, a nonprofit that provides free events and resources to those with visual impairments and their families—these range from free cooking classes and game days to assistive technology training, outings, and more. iSight Connections' goal is to provide teaching services to individuals who do not have access to in-home instruction anywhere else. Tim became one of the first Certified Assistive Technology Instructional Specialists (CATIS) in 2017 by taking the BETA exam. He has trained multiple CATIS student teachers and, in 2020, created an online assistive technology conference called Assistive Technology and Trends Online Conference – AT-TOC.

Tim received his training as a Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialist from California State University, Los Angeles, in 1997.  He worked with adults at Braille Institute and the Center for the Partially Sighted in Los Angeles as an O&M Specialist before becoming the Student Transition and Enrichment Program (STEP) Coordinator, launching the first transition program at the Junior Blind in 2003. This program was a residential and weekend program that taught job readiness skills to 16 to 21-year-olds.

In 2005, he moved to Colorado Springs to work at the Colorado School for the Deaf and Blind as a Lead Transition Teacher to youth ages 18-21.  In 2007, Tim transitioned over to the Division of Vocational Rehabilitation and worked with adults on Orientation and Mobility and Daily Living Skills.  During this time, he started teaching Assistive Technology on a more consistent basis. Then, in 2011, Tim earned his Master's in Vision Rehabilitation Therapy from Hunter College while teaching many emerging assistive technology products.

Kendra Farrow (Moderator)

Kendra Farrow

Kendra Farrow is a Certified Vision Rehabilitation Therapist. She is a graduate of Western Michigan University with over 14 years of experience providing itinerant VRT services.  In 2014, she joined the team at the National Research and Training Center at Mississippi State University. In her role as Research and Training Associate Kendra leads workshops and training sessions provided by the center, conducts two program evaluations, assists with knowledge translation activities, and directs course development for the Older Blind Technical Assistance and Training Center.


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