2020 Conference

Conference Information

Our second annual OIB Program Manager’s Technical Assistance Conference will be held virtually August 31 – September 4 on the Community of Practice with the theme “Connect.” We have two agendas for your convenience:

  1. General Agenda – Shows only the sessions that are open to the public, including program managers, OIB staff, contractors, and other interested parties
  2. State Agency OIB Program Managers Agenda – Shows all sessions, including those that are open only to state agency OIB program managers.

Many thanks to our conference committee team members, including:

  1. Malinda Carlson
  2. Elizabeth DeShields
  3. Jay Harris
  4. Tandra Hunter-Payne
  5. Stephanie Jensen
  6. Sarah Kely
  7. Kay McGill 

Each session will require registration to attend. For sessions that interest you, please navigate to that page and register via the “Zoom Registration” link. If you have difficulty registering, please email our web designer at smarcy@colled.msstate.edu.