OIB-TAC Weekly Brief: April 4, 2024

OIB-TAC Weekly Brief: April 4, 2024

Weekly brief OIB-TAC.

OIB-TAC April Webinar: Making Documents More Accessible

Join OIB-TAC on April 19, 2024, for our next webinar on making documents more accessible. Whether you’re preparing information for staff, community partners, or the individuals you serve, you don’t need to be an accessibility expert to make your documents more accessible to readers of all abilities. Join Steve Kelley as we explore some of the simple ways to make documents more user-friendly and where to find additional guides and resources for taking the next steps.

Zoom Registration Link for April Webinar


Seeking Information on Promising Practices

Are you or your agency using a procedure, strategy, or program that is working well and benefiting your program, staff, or clients? The OIB-TAC is collecting promising practices to share and needs your help to identify these promising practices. Visit the website to learn more about submitting a promising practice.


APH ConnectCenter VisionAware Seeks Feedback

We are looking to update our Getting Started Guide, available in English and Spanish. We want to refresh the material and need your help! Please browse the guide then answer the following questions. Thank you for helping shape the future of this free resource. The survey link is: https://forms.office.com/r/wFh5bJcett.


Tune In: New Podcast Episode on Vision Loss and Charles Bonnet Syndrome

Charles Bonnet syndrome is a condition where visual hallucinations sometimes accompany vision loss. A recent podcast from Hadley explores what this condition is, including the history of its occurrence through an interview with a vision rehabilitation professional and a psychologist who has Charles Bonnet syndrome. Click here to listen to the podcast episode!


The Carroll Center for the Blind is proud to partner with BlindShell USA to offer the BlindShell Classic 2 Accessible Cell Phone and Free Monthly Wireless Plan!

Join us on April 5 at 12 pm ET to learn more about the BlindShell Classic 2, an easy-to-use cell phone designed for individuals with all levels of vision loss. It features an enhanced physical keypad, expanded screen, and advanced voice control capabilities. Whether you have a visual impairment or face other disabilities that hinder the use of traditional smartphones, this device could be the right fit for your needs.

And now you can also get a Free BlindShell Mobile Monthly Wireless Plan—a groundbreaking initiative designed to empower eligible participants with seamless connectivity and communication. With BlindShell Mobile, qualified individuals can receive a complimentary package that includes unlimited talk and text, a SIM card for easy activation, and a generous 5GB data allowance—all at no cost.

Click the link below to register for this free virtual event or visit carroll.org/store to purchase your phone today!

Register for the BlindShell Webinar!


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