OIB-TAC Weekly Brief: April 24, 2024

OIB-TAC Weekly Brief: April 24, 2024

Weekly brief OIB-TAC.

OIB-TAC May Webinar: Considerations Regarding OTC Hearing Aids When One is Blind or Has Low Vision

Join OIB-TAC on May 17, 2024, for our next webinar! Have you heard the buzz about over the counter (OTC) hearing aids?  With a growing number of older adults experiencing hearing loss in addition to vision loss, are these types of aids viable options?  Join Carol Hamer and Scott Davert from Helen Keller as we discuss appropriateness, accessibility, and information to help those working with individuals who are blind or have low vision understand the pros and cons of OTC hearing aids for this population.

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APH ConnectCenter VisionAware Seeks Feedback

We are looking to update our Getting Started Guide, available in English and Spanish. We want to refresh the material and need your help! Please browse the guide then answer the following questions. Thank you for helping shape the future of this free resource. The survey link is: https://forms.office.com/r/wFh5bJcett.

If you are interested in ordering APH’s Getting Started Guide, please contact their ConnectCenter at (800)-232-5463 or send an email to connectcenter@aph.org.

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