New Course from OIB-TAC: Cultural Diversity and Humility

New Course from OIB-TAC: Cultural Diversity and Humility

OIB-TAC is excited to share that our continuing education course, Cultural Diversity and Competence, has been relaunched as a new course with updated content. This updated course covers the importance of personal cultural orientations, the effect culture has on interaction with consumers, and the impact of agency policies and culture on practice with diverse consumers. Case studies are included to allow for self-reflection and to facilitate the application of cultural humility in practice. 

Students who take this course will learn how to: Seven hands balled into fists touching in a circle.

  • Recognize the importance of being sensitive to cultural differences. 

  • Understand the effect culture has on interactions with consumers. 

  • Recognize the differences in the terms “cultural competence,” “cultural awareness,” “cultural humility,” and “cultural sensitivity." 

  • Develop strategies to increase awareness of personal biases and misconceptions and reduce the impact of these factors on consumers. 

  • Understand the importance of organization/agency cultural competence. 

This course is available for two hours of CRC, ACVREP, and NBPCB credit. 

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