NRTC Announces IL OIB-TAC Interim Project Director

The NRTC is pleased to announce the appointment of Kendra Farrow as the Interim Project Director of the Independent Living, Older Individuals who are Blind Technical Assistance Center (IL OIB-TAC).

Professional headshot of Kendra Farrow

Farrow has been an integral member of the IL OIB-TAC staff since its beginning in October 2015. In addition to her history with the IL OIB-TAC, Farrow has experience with providing direct services, leading program evaluations, and presenting at local and national workshops and conferences.

Dr. Michele McDonnall, NRTC Director, said “We are so happy to have Kendra, one of the original team members for the IL OIB-TAC and a professional with more than 20 years of experience in the field, to serve in this capacity.”

The IL OIB-TAC will continue to provide a variety of training and technical assistance to state OIB programs. Technical assistance focuses on areas of community outreach; best practices in provision and delivery of service; program performance, including data reporting and analysis; and financial and management practices, including administrative compliance.

You can learn more about this grant funded technical assistance by visiting the IL OIB-TAC Community of Practice or by reaching out to Farrow directly at