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Posts by Doug Bedsaul

Timeline for 7-OB Revisions

Is there a timeline for a draft of the new 7-OB form and how long before it will be in implemented? Several states are currently updating their database systems, and a long wait for the new form may cause significant cost and/or data concerns.

Performance Benchmark Questions

Results from questions relating to gaining, maintaining, or losing confidence related to performance benchmark questions are not reliable. Many of the clients seem to be answering these questions not based on satisfaction with service delivery, but rather on the fact that they have lost more functioning primarily related to progressive physical conditions.

Definition of Assistive Technology

Some still believe that the definition of “assistive technology and assistive technology services” is too broad to be meaningful. There is a significant cost and training differential for example, in giving a client a bump dot for a microwave or training the client to use a computer with adaptive software. How can this be addressed?

Low Vision Aids No Longer In Use

In program evaluations with seniors, it seems like a small but reliable percentage of OIB consumers report having low vision aids and devices that they no longer use. It doesn’t work, doesn’t work well for them, or doesn’t do for them what they thought it would.

Technology Use by Older Consumers

New technology, like the Amazon Echo, offers the ability to ask questions and complete some tasks by using just your voice. Have you found older consumers using these products? Have you provided instruction on using this technology? How do you find your consumers benefiting from it?