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Innovative Solutions for Remote and Virtual Training Webinar

Sylvia Perez and Kendra Farrow, both CVRT’s, provided a basic overview of ideas for getting started with remote training with older individuals with visual impairments. The focus was on using a telephone or a video conference platform, such as Zoom, to provide individual and group training.

Content will include suggestions for areas that can be taught remotely and how to create a lesson plan and problem-solve some of the challenges that might arise.

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Samantha Oldiges's picture

Someone one Florida mentioned a national service for looking for resources by zip codes. The name of the site was not clear enough to understand. Can someone please re send that information? Thanks!
Denice Pagano's picture

I have the site as Aunt Bertha dot com. I was able to put in my zip for my city and also able to find information. Hope that this helps.
Stephanie Jensen's picture

I agree we don't give our consumers enough credit. Some might not be interested in technology, but many are. It isn't ideal, but it is what we have right now. My local YMCA is having groups online via Zoom with seniors right now. There are plenty willing and able to use technology.'s picture

That's a great webinar.