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How long do you teach Technology Access Training?

With all the updates and new technology, when do you end the lessons? We have seniors who don't want the instructors to stop teaching them - saying they need to learn the new technology.

There must be a time to stop. Perhaps we need to tighten up the goals, find out what they want from the new technology, teach concepts so they can do the newest on their own, record lessons so they can practice - other ideas?

How are you handling the technology lessons as far as time and number of lessons are concerned?



Bill Tomlin's picture

Kay, you bring up an interesting point with the limited resources of time and money that our older blind programs have across the country and the frequency of changes in technology, how do you keep up? My opinion is that teaching the process of how do adapt to changes is key. If you attempt to keep up with every update, new piece of technology, and new app, you will not have time to do anything else. It will be interesting to see how your peers are addressing this issue.