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Social Media?

In Minnesota, we were fortunate to have a small pot of money to do some social media advertising for our OIB services. The analytics of the response were quite good. The way it worked was; if someone searched on low vision or macular degeneration, the next time they opened their Facebook or Twitter page, they would get a banner ad promoting our OIB program. The ads were very simple, linkable pictures of seniors using devices or just seniors with their sons or daughters looking concerned. The idea for us was to try to outreach to adult sons and daughters of seniors. We got thousands of hits and did see a spike in referrals. With this success in mind, I wonder if on a national level, we shouldn't consider using social media to promote the stories of success we see every day with our consumers. What I'm suggesting here is not a advertising campaign, but some kind of grass roots effort where we engage consumers to tell their stories in the actual, personal postings on their respective social media sites. It's not uncommon for stories like this to catch fire and ultimately be viewed by millions. It terms of raising awareness of vision loss, this would could reach legislatures, decision makers, care takers, medical personnel and potential consumers alike.
Thoughts? Anyone want to form a group and start this conversation?
Ed Lecher


B.J. LeJeune's picture

What a great idea, Ed! Social Media - especially Facebook for older adults - reaches untold numbers that might not hear otherwise. I'd love to be in on this discussion. Thanks for bringing it to the forum.
Ed Lecher's picture

I hope we get a few interested parties. I think if we hit on the right success story, it could really take off. I guess we'll have to wait and see if we can get a small to get started. We better hurry if we want you to participate.
Sophie Kershaw-Patilla's picture

I second BJ's comment that this is a great idea to spread the word to such a wide audience. Perhaps there are specific keywords or topics of interest that may be most relevant, and you could utilize those with a catchy slogan and/or hashtag for this initiative.
Ed Lecher's picture

According to the data from our short campaign, macular degeneration was the phrase that people most responded to.
B.J. LeJeune's picture

That is really interesting Ed - that is very helpful to anyone who might be doing anything online for outreach. Those key words can make a huge difference.
Doug Bedsaul's picture

I think this is a great idea. Often, people assign more credibility to stories from their peers than from professionals, experts, organizations, etc. This could certainly could increase the reach of OIB marketing campaigns.