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Funding Sources

Good Afternoon,

Funding our state's OIB program has always been challenging. Does anyone use alternative sources of funding for their program?



Stephanie Jensen's picture

Our state has a trust fund. Our specialists help consumers apply for the funds to use for CCTVs or other assistive technology. It is in kind match. It sounds like subgrantees use United Way or AAA funds.
Melodye May's picture

Thanks for sharing!
Elizabeth White's picture

How are other states using in kind services for match?
B.J. LeJeune's picture

Do you mean what types are they using? Could be physical space, administrative costs, salary funds??
Tandra Hunter-Payne's picture

In Maryland we use some social security reimbursement funds to enhance the service delivery to the OIB program.
Melodye May's picture

Thank you for your answer!