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Counting Seniors for 7-OB

What is the goal of the OBP consumer numbers? Is it the amount of funds touched by OBP or the numbers of seniors who would be eligible for OBP even if other funds were used 100%?


Kendra Farrow's picture

Just to clarify, You are wondering if the number of individuals served, reported on the 7-OB, should include only those whose services were paid for from OIB funding or should it include all individuals who were served, even if their services were self-pay or through other private sources?
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Yes, do we count only those persons 55 and over whose services were touched by OBP funding or do we count all 55 and over regardless of funding source? For example, one of the IL centers (our provider) uses AAA or United Way funds for all disability and ages. If a person 55 and over with a vision impairment was funded by the AAA and no OBP funding, do we count that person?
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Another state has the same question because they use state general funds.
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Under the area of Staffing (Part II); why is it important to report on any of those 5 categories in section B? This relates to Employees with Disabilities, Employees with Blindness Age 55 and Older, Employees who are Women, etc?
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Sandy, This is essentially a series of affirmative action questions to explore the demographics of the staffing on the program. I think at one point in time RSA wanted to find out if the program was representative of those served. I don't know if they will want to include it on the next form or not.
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Thank you B.J. Further questions will be posted as a New topic unless it is inline with comments...I'm learning how this "on-line forum" works! If I could - I would suggest that the questions regarding the demographics of staff be removed if the 7OB is redesigned.
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Is RSA on the forum? May we receive guidance on how to count the seniors for the 7OB? This has become very confusing!! We want to do this correctly.
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Kay, I believe they are - they were invited and James said he would be on. This is a question that they can best answer.
B.J. LeJeune's picture

Not sure what you are asking Kay - The goal is to count the number of people served by the program. So if a case is opened, they should be counted.
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Another example, one of the providers grants is funded by Diabetes. If a person is 55 and over and services paid for by the diabetes grant, but none by OBP, is that person counted in the 7OB numbers served? The confusion has come in as to whether we count 1) only those who received services paid for by OBP or 2) those 55 and over paid for by other grants (no OBP case) 3) cost sharing (we do this) some OBP and some other grants or 4) grant from other source that is exclusive to 55 and over? I'm not doing a good job of getting my words right on how to count numbers for 7OB.
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referring to 7OB Part 1 Funding sources and expenditures a5 - other grants and a6 total matching funds as related to part IV 1a total cost from vii -2 funds and 1b total cost from other funds and subsequent pages - this part also asks for number of persons served. so doesn't it stand to reason that if we are disclosing all the costs of all we serve over 55 then we should include all the funding that is being used to serve this population and indicate total persons served over 55?
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I don't know - that is the question. In GA we contract out all services. Some of our providers have other grants for other purposes. There are times when OBP funds are stretched by cost sharing with other grants. I have no concern when OBP funds are used in some way for our seniors or a grant is exclusively for someone 55 or over. My concern comes in when another grant might be used by the provider and there is no OBP case opened, but the person is 55 or over. Do we count that person in the stats?
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Not an easy question to answer, would need more information and I will have get back to you..