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CCTV Lease/Loan Program

South Dakota has had a lease/loan program in place for a number of years which has made CCTVs (digital video magnification) available to consumers of the OIB program. Eventually, the program participants IL record is closed with the CCTV remaining with the individual. A follow up phone call is made to the program participant annually to check in on the device, any training needs they have, and to discuss any changes in their circumstances that would warrant additional support provided to them. Currently there are 200+ individuals who have these machines. Should these people be "counted" on the 7OB report as ongoing recipients of OIB services?


Ed Lecher's picture

We do something similar, but we only count them as "served" the year they receive the machine.
Sandy Neyhart's picture

That is how we are currently doing it as well Ed - it seems like those individuals who have a machine from our agency should be "counted" somehow in each fiscal year. While they have not received regular OIB services, they are getting a single service/device that includes ongoing support and training if needed. In some cases; if it weren't for the machine; they would forfeit a lot of their independence.
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I agree with you. We would like to "be counted", but right now we don't reopen their case. We chalk it up as a courtesy service. We have an identified staffer that can do repairs and follow-up training as necessary. We tape her card right to the machine. She's a busy lady! I know for a fact that the CCTV is the item keeping many folks going.
Mark Armstrong's picture

I agree Ed. A CCTV was the one device that helped keep me employed over the years. I am over 55 so I remember pre-computer days when all official communication was print on paper. Today, I have more access and several ways to access print, but my CCTV is the ultimate go-to device.
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Hey Mark, Funny to hear from you just now. Our rehab teacher, Charlene who attended the Confident Living training this last fall, just told me how often she draws on what she learned. She has said several times how much value that training had for her. Thought you should know. Ed
Mark Armstrong's picture

Thanks Ed! I appreciate hearing that Charlene draws upon the information in her practice. Charlene is "sharp" to start with so this is even more special and reassuring coming from her!