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Confident Living Program May 21-25, 2018

Confident Living Program for Senior Adults who are Culturally-Deaf and Blind or Low Vision.

A five-day program specially designed for Senior Adults, age 55 and"better" who culturally-deaf and blind or low vision and use American Sign Language as their primary means of communication. This program is limited to 5 paticipants.

Held on our HKNC campus at 141 Middle Neck Road Sands Point, NY 11050

Spring 2018 CLP: Mary 21-25, 2018

One of the benefits of the Confident Living Program is to encourage seniors to develop and maintain support opportunities with their peers. In adition, seniors will recevie exposure to techniques and technologies that help persons with combined vision and hearing loss to maintain independence in their homes. 

Participants of this program will obtain information and an introduction to skills in:

  • coping with hearing and vision loss
  • enhancing independent living skills
  • enhancing communication skills
  • experiencing new technology
  • self-advocacy
  • elder law issues
  • emergency preparedness
  • communicty integration and develoing community resources
  • sharing life experiences with peers
  • exploring leisure activity options
  • having FUN

Program Cost: Tuition, Room, and Board $1,350.00

Please share with your seniors and others!

Intersted or have Questions? Please contact Mark Armstrong, Senior Adult Program Specialist at 706-303-8494 (voice) 706-432-8132 (fax) or Bill Tomlin, Project Manager, MSU OIB-TAC at 662-325-0461 (office) 252-449-2908 (cell)


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You can also contact your HKNC Regional Representative if you are interested or have questions.