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Technology Use by Older Consumers

New technology, like the Amazon Echo, offers the ability to ask questions and complete some tasks by using just your voice. Have you found older consumers using these products? Have you provided instruction on using this technology? How do you find your consumers benefiting from it?


Janet Ford's picture

We have purchased 10 Echo's and trained clients on their use. Clients are using and enjoying the device. One lady uses it to keep her grocery list up-to-date, others use it for the news and weather on demand. A client with multiple health issues is using the calendar to schedule and keep track of medical appointments. Those who benefit from the Echo are tech savvy and wish to remain mentally active.
Marilynn Ward-Tluszcz's picture

Consumer are reporting back to me that they really love the Echo! They are able to listen to local news, have books read to them and purchase items on amazon when needed...I personally love the echo I have at my home. It is a wonderful way to find out the weather quickly, order new items on Amazon and listen to any radio station across the country.
Adele Crudden's picture

Was at an assisted living community recently where residents were using Alexa. They seemed very happy with it and were enjoying its interpretation of some of their requests. For example, when asked to play "Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies" she spurted out a version by Bela Fleck and Flecktones. I thought it was great that these seniors were embracing technology and taught me things.
Adele Crudden's picture

Recently spoke to another senior who is blind using this technology. He was very positive about using it but said he did need support getting it set up. He was very happy about the benefits it brought to his life. He took great job in demonstrating it for me and I was very impressed with its ability to respond so well to his voice commands. It had no difficult discerning his requests even though there was a little bit (ok, a lot) of southern accent.
BJ LeJeune's picture

So we just bought an Echo for my hubby who is legally blind and has a number of health issues. There was a one day $50 off sale - it arrived yesterday. Setting it up will be our 4th of July activity....I'll report back on our experience - he is not a computer guy and does have an engaging Cajun accent!