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CCTV Lease/Loan Program

South Dakota has had a lease/loan program in place for a number of years which has made CCTVs (digital video magnification) available to consumers of the OIB program. Eventually, the program participants IL record is closed with the CCTV remaining with the individual.

Timeline for 7-OB Revisions

Is there a timeline for a draft of the new 7-OB form and how long before it will be in implemented? Several states are currently updating their database systems, and a long wait for the new form may cause significant cost and/or data concerns.

Performance Benchmark Questions

Results from questions relating to gaining, maintaining, or losing confidence related to performance benchmark questions are not reliable. Many of the clients seem to be answering these questions not based on satisfaction with service delivery, but rather on the fact that they have lost more functioning primarily related to progressive physical conditions.

Measuring Goals

In order to measure goals effectively to determine successful completion, what should be included to be monitored? What tools do we use to assure they have achieved these goals? What assessments are other states using?

Part IV

In Part IV, in asking for resources allocated, does all of the grant money for direct services need to be accounted for between Subparts A through D? We have found that it can be hard to say how much money was spent for which service.

Definition of Assistive Technology

Some still believe that the definition of “assistive technology and assistive technology services” is too broad to be meaningful. There is a significant cost and training differential for example, in giving a client a bump dot for a microwave or training the client to use a computer with adaptive software. How can this be addressed?