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Part IV

In Part IV, in asking for resources allocated, does all of the grant money for direct services need to be accounted for between Subparts A through D? We have found that it can be hard to say how much money was spent for which service.

Definition of Assistive Technology

Some still believe that the definition of “assistive technology and assistive technology services” is too broad to be meaningful. There is a significant cost and training differential for example, in giving a client a bump dot for a microwave or training the client to use a computer with adaptive software. How can this be addressed?

What is a Support Service Provider

What is a Support Service Provider (SSP)? An SSP serves as the eyes and ears of a person with combined vision and hearing loss. SSPs provide visual and environmental information necessary so the participant can access information in order to make decisions independently. The support provided varies depending on the needs of the individual.

Training Opportunity for OIB Program Manager or Staff

Who: Helen Keller National Center Confident Living Program What: Train-the-Trainer, Hands-on opportunity for ILOB Program Managers or their state designee from the Older Blind Program during a Confident Living Program. When: The 2018 Confident Living Programs are May 21-May 25 and Oct 22 –Oct 26. Where: Helen Keller National Center, Sands Point, NY.

Confident Living Program May 21-25, 2018

Confident Living Program for Senior Adults who are Culturally-Deaf and Blind or Low Vision. A five-day program specially designed for Senior Adults, age 55 and"better" who culturally-deaf and blind or low vision and use American Sign Language as their primary means of communication. This program is limited to 5 paticipants.

Happy New Year from HKNC

Happy 2018! Helen Keller National Center and I hope you are having a great new year and will have much success in your practice with deaf-blind and hard-of-hearing seniors. It is my privilege to be able to work with each of you in providing technical training and assistance to seniors 55 and "better" who have combined vision and hearing loss.