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Eligibility and Ineligibility

In Ohio we have implemented some "eligibility standards" around defining what constitutes a "severe visual impairment." I would like some input from other states in how you addressing this when a customer wants to apply but they are not eligible based on this standard. Do you tell them that they are not eligible, and how to address that if they have never applied?

Community Outreach

Community outreach is a subject that is actually one of the four primary areas RSA asked the OIB TAC to address in technical assistance and training. Many states list community outreach as a major challenge and an area that they feel they need help with on the annual 7ob form.

Aging in Rural Areas

Rural areas present a distinct challenge to providing services to individuals who are visually impaired and blind, and especially to those who are older. I have had the experience of working in an urban area and in a very rural area. The barriers to individuals with visual impairmetns in rural areas seem to far exceed those of individuals living in urban areas.