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Confident Living Program May 21-25, 2018

Confident Living Program for Senior Adults who are Culturally-Deaf and Blind or Low Vision. A five-day program specially designed for Senior Adults, age 55 and"better" who culturally-deaf and blind or low vision and use American Sign Language as their primary means of communication. This program is limited to 5 paticipants.

Happy New Year from HKNC

Happy 2018! Helen Keller National Center and I hope you are having a great new year and will have much success in your practice with deaf-blind and hard-of-hearing seniors. It is my privilege to be able to work with each of you in providing technical training and assistance to seniors 55 and "better" who have combined vision and hearing loss.

Low Vision Aids No Longer In Use

In program evaluations with seniors, it seems like a small but reliable percentage of OIB consumers report having low vision aids and devices that they no longer use. It doesn’t work, doesn’t work well for them, or doesn’t do for them what they thought it would.

Cost Effectiveness of the OIB Program

It is estimated the OIB programs are touching 1.4-5% of the eligible population of older persons with vision loss. We are serving a very small number of eligible persons, and our programs are often maxed out with waiting lists. We need more funding and more qualified personnel.

Are men under represented in the Older Blind Programs?

There has been some discussion about how older blind programs often do not attract males in numbers that reflect the percentage of the older population. Some may be served by Veteran’s Affairs, but there is some concern that programs traditionally may focus more on housekeeping tasks and less on areas of interest to older men.

Technology Use by Older Consumers

New technology, like the Amazon Echo, offers the ability to ask questions and complete some tasks by using just your voice. Have you found older consumers using these products? Have you provided instruction on using this technology? How do you find your consumers benefiting from it?