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Previous Weekly Tips

  • Keep confusing the body wash, shampoo and conditioner? Put a rubber band around the shampoo and two around the conditioner. Leave the body wash unmarked.
  • Community outreach can help link OIB services and other aging services, providing a more comprehensive experience for your consumer.
  • The Confident Living online course from Helen Keller National Center can help you learn about working with adults facing both vision and hearing loss.
  • Do you have a question that you wish you could ask someone who understands your OIB challenges? Post a question to the OIB-TAC forum.
  • Place rubber bands around cordless phones or remote controls to highlight a line(s) of buttons
  • Have consumers who can’t find religious materials in an accessible format? Check out our list of accessible religious materials on our Resources page.
  • Need to find an accessible Apple app? Check out for accessibility reviews.
  • To make print appear straight on the screen of a video magnifier, place the reading material against the back raised edge of the XY table.
  • Sitting closer to the television is sometimes more effective than using a distance low vision aid.
  • A digital recorder can be used to keep track of short reminders, appointments, phone numbers, etc.
  • Use a bold black pen and write as large as necessary for easier read back.
  • Use an oversized pan or bowl if ingredients need to be stirred, it helps ingredients to stay in the container which reduces clean up.
  • Use a clothes pin or chip clip to keep shoes paired. 
  • Pour coffee into a white cup for increased contrast.
  • Try NFB Newsline to access newspapers; they have an app as well.