Tip of the Week

Sitting closer to the television is sometimes more effective than using a distance low vision aid.

Previous Weekly Tips
  • Place a twist tie on the jug handle of the milk to identify it as different from the iced tea jug.
  • Place a rubber band around one of two similarly shaped containers to identify the difference (ex. shampoo and conditioner).
  • Keeping commonly used objects in a specific location helps the identification and locating of that item.
  • When you decrease the distance between a light source and the object to be viewed, the light will increase.
  • Most telephone keypads have a raised dot on the #5 key that can be used as the home key for phone dialing.
  • Light yellow sunglasses help increase contrast.
  • Looking to obtain certification? Check out the professional preparation programs listed here. Many programs have scholarships that cover part or all of the tuition.
  • Many assistive technology companies offer interest free payment plans for their equipment.
  • Check out past Seminars@Hadley for presentations on many topics.
  • iFocus videos from Hadley can help someone learn to use VoiceOver for various tasks.
  • Apple has a toll-free helpline for individuals with disabilities: 1-877-204-3930.
  • Applications for free 411, directory assistance service, is available from most phone service providers. Just ask for their Disability Service Center.
  • The closer your eye is to a magnifying glass, the wider the field of view.
  • Use dark or light colored cutting boards, plates, or placemats to enhance contrast.
  • A Support Service Provider (SSP) is a paid or volunteer aide who can provide assistance to individuals with both vision and hearing loss. To learn more visit AADB.