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OIB Field Staff Job Classifications

Would any of you fine folks be willing to share job descriptions and job classifications you use for your OIB field staff? If so, please email at
I'm working with the state here in Minnesota to craft a unique job class for my staff and I need some examples to include in my submission to the agency here that does the job class approvals.
Thanks and be well!


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The OIB-TAC would be interested in this information as well! Please feel free to share on this post or CC us in an email to Ed. We look forward to hearing from you!
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Here in Alabama we pull our OIB VRT applicants from a state register for VRTs or Senior VRTs maintained by the state personnel department for all VRT positions (3 OIB and 17 VR/OIB/General). I have also attached our O&M announcements. Primarily funded by VR funds, our O&Ms and other VRTs are able to serve OIB consumers through our agreement with the Alabama Institute for the Deaf and Blind. Hope this helps! Matthew Haynes